Langkawi was traditionally thought to be cursed. However, in 1986 then Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad decided to transform it into a tourist resort, helping to plan many of the islands buildings himself.

Langkawi, a cluster of 105 islands separated from mainland Malaysia by the Straits of Malacca, is a district of the state of Kedah in Northern Malaysia and lies approximately 51 km west of Kedah. The total land mass of the islands is 47,848 hectares. The main island spans about 25 km from north to south and slightly more for east and west. The coastal areas consist of flat, alluvial plains punctuated with limestone ridges. Two-thirds of the island is dominated by forest-covered mountains, hills and natural vegetation.

Langkawi, on Northwestern shore of Malaysia is a archipelago of Langkawi Islands. Situated Just where the Indian Ocean narrows down into the Straits of Melaka,it was once a heaven for pirates. Today it serves as a retreat for visitors near and far.

Nestled against a dramatic backdrop of mountains are ancient lakes and forests, waterfalls and beaches, all of which enhance the wonder that is Langkawi. Blessed with balmy climate that promises warm temperatures throughout the year, it beckons visitors seeking escape from day to day life.

The archipelago of Langkawi contains 99 Islands awaiting discovery and that is when the tide is high! At low tide, the Islands can number as many as 104. Sanctuary of some of the most ancient rainforest in the world, they are teeming with the exotic flora and fauna.

The largest island of Langkawi itself, measuring about 478.5 sq km, is the only one with real settlement. Almost as large as the island of Singapore, it is still very much undeveloped. Clad with jungles in the interior, it is fringed by lovely beaches scattered along its coast. The island is still very much a rural landscape with villages and padi fields. The island is steeped in legend, the favourite being the one of Mahsuri.

Most of the development is in the main town of Kuah nad in isolated beach resorts around the coast. The airport is located on this island as well hotel resorts, restaurants and shops.

The two main beaches, Pantai Cenang and Pantai Kok, are on the island`s western coast, with Pantai Cenang being the most popular as the venue for hotels and restaurants. Dotted along the northern coast are the most luxurious resorts.

Kuala Lumpur  & Langkawi Package



2 Nights Stay @ Tune Hotel
2 Nights Stay @ De Barcon Resort

USD 203 - Per Person 


  • KI Tower Entrance
  • One Way Cable Car Entrance at
  • Batu Caves and Watch Show Room Visit
  • LGK Cable Car Ride
  • Island Hopping Tour


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